Fluid Calculations

The aim is to improve the hydrodynamic efficiency of sailboats!

The Technical Aspects in Sailing GmbH is working on the calculation and analysis of physical characteristics of streamlined bodies in incompressible fluids.

In this broad topic, the main attention is focused on innovative lifting devices. The TAIS-team is inventing a special software, which is not only taking hydrodynamic lift effects into an assumption, additional the anisotropic characteristic of fiber-reinforced composites can be optimized for different objective functions.

Behind this trivial statement conceals a highly specialized solver, both analytical and numerical solutions are combined, and it integrates the factory designable dimensions for anisotropic material modeling with modern fiber-reinforced composites. Through this specialized solver, it will be possible to solve combined problems of topological and structural optimization in a novel manner.

The result is a product made out of fiber-reinforced composites with defined fiber orientation, and moreover, that is optimized resulting from external load requirements. Furthermore, even transient calculations will be feasible, that represent the time-resolved deformation behavior. Future evolutions of the solver will also include a transient optimization of adaptive structures.