Dynamic Data Acquisition

What forces are acting on the rig, which is the bending behavior of the rig while sailing?

Almost all sailors have ever wondered whether, and how their dynamic mast and sail system behaves on the boat.
With modern measurement technology and special sensors, it is possible to scan the bending behavior of a mast while sailing. This applies to the longitudinal and lateral bending behavior. In addition, it is recommended that the tensions of the rigging are also recorded.
When evaluating, the sailor receives a global and dynamic visualization of the bending behavior of the rig, including the tension of the forestay, shrouds, etc. Special needs are handled on request.

What shape is my keel, what shape is my rudder and how it looks at the competition?

The Technical Aspects In Sailing GmbH can draw on a non-contact 3-d measurement technology. This allows to measure static and dynamic surfaces independent of substrates, to capture loads and strain rates. All data can be exported to CAD software or embedded in real time in a FEA. Fins, keels, or even whole hulls can be scanned in high precision. If desired, these components are subjected to a fluid calculation.