About us

Sailing is combining in natural environment physical principles in a particularly beautiful way. On one hand sailing can be seen as a life philosophy, on the other as a platform for the application of high technologies in the sport of sailing. The Technical Aspects In Sailing GmbH has the objective to redefine the state of the art with innovative products for the sailing sport sectors and related services.
Challenges in the areas of

  • Functions (e.g., measurement technology, sensor technology, arrangement of moving parts)
  • Materials (e.g., intelligent design / calculation of fiber-reinforced plastics, composites, and manufacturing of adaptive structures)
  • Aerodynamics / hydrodynamics (fluid simulation / CFD of keels, centerboards and rudders)

are analyzed, and deduced towards an individual design for customers.

The aim is to improve the efficiency of sailing boats, make them faster with smart ideas and / or easier to handle.

To face these challenges in the sport of sailing the Technical Aspects In Sailing GmbH joined a young and dynamic network of sailors, material scientists, mathematicians, engineers of various disciplines and of course boat builders. The whole Technical Aspects In Sailing GmbH team feels the spirit of sailing and adds scientific knowledge to drive the state of the art in sailing.
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